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A software organization mainly focused on the development of high-quality open-source solutions for .NET developers and startup enthusiasts.

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ASP.NET Core Web Applications

We love the way .NET works so when we combine it with solid software design, any idea is just a matter of time.

Xamarin Mobile Applications

We know that Xamarin is not the famous technology for mobile development but applications built with it might become the best in its business sector.

Vue.js Interactive Layouts

We invest in the way front-end interacts with users. Using Vue.js gives us the opportunity to apply all UX/UI principles in a new dynamic way.

Processing Utility Helpers

We have the expertise to help you to optimize any idea you have with the fastest algorithms we know.

Visual Identity Materials

We believe that any idea needs a memorable visual representation. That's why our solutions include not only the software stuff.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We focus on all digital elements of our project marketing included. Even the best idea needs a good marketing strategy for success.

Usage Benefits

  • Clean and readable code
  • Detailed documentation
  • Source code in GitHub
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Frequent updates
  • Lots of working examples
  • Quick issues fixing
  • Easy integration


Apply Definux.* for peak performance realization.

Emeraude Framework

Emeraude is a set of C# libraries developed to rise ASP.NET Core application to a new level. The framework wrap the application with clean architecture basis with built-in ready to use features and abstractions.

Html Builder

Lightweight HTML5 builder for creating HTML string with fluent method syntax of C#.

SEO Plugin

Plugin for ASP.NET Core applications that provide useful features for search engine optimization.


Help methods, data annotations, extensions, enumerations, and options classes which will boost your software development productivity.
Georgi Karagogov

About The Founder

Georgi Karagogov

Georgi Karagogov is an interesting entrepreneur with more than 12 years of wide range experience as a software engineer, designer, and geodetic engineer. Currently, his focus is mainly oriented to B2C solutions based on .NET tech stack and Vue.js. His sparkling passion is to create stuff - for the digital or physical world. That passion brings him to found Definux - to give the opportunity for small teams and single enthusiasts to realize their ideas with no effort. Visit for more information.